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6th February 2011

February 6, 2011


LOCAL – Overcast throughout day, mild with temperature at noon of 13C, wind moderate SW through day, pressure at noon 1011mb.

NATIONAL – Overcast throughout day in most places the exception being Orkney where it was sunny all day and N Scotland where it cleared late in afternoon, rain in N England associated with a front lying east to west across Northumbria and Cumbria and also showers around London. Temperatures at noon were greater than 1qC in England and Wales and below 10C in Scotland and N Ireland, highest was 13C in north east Midlands and coldest was 4C through much of E Scotland, winds mainly SW throughout day being generally very light in Scotland and light to moderate in England and Wales

N ATLANTIC SURFACE PRESSURE REPORT – At noon the N Atlantic and Europe are divided by a very long front stretching from the central N Atlantic north eastwards to southern Russia passing through S Eire, N England, N Germany, N Poland on its way. North west of  and along this front there are small low pressure systems over the Arctic Ocean, north of Iceland, SE of Iceland and SW of Iceland, UK, SW of Eire andalso off Newfoundland. To the south east by a smaller number but larger high pressure systems centred over SW France, Greece and NW Africa.

DRAGON PITS (Morning) – 3 Common (Mealy) Redpoll (AM, SH)

OLD AIRFIELD (Afternoon) – c.20 Greenfinch, 8 Mute Swan (CCR)

PRISON LAKES (Afternoon) – 2 Cormorant north, 45 Mallard, 3 Redpoll south, 1 Siskin south,8 Tufted Duck, 19 Wigeon (CCR)

PACKARDS NORTH (Afternoon) – 60+ Linnet (CCR)

ALDERFEN (Afternoon)  – 8 Bewick’s Swan,   7 Whooper Swan (JW)

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