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Sunday 15th December 2013

December 15, 2013

Kilham (am) 1 Shelduck (MLy)

Ethelmoor (Gomde side) (pm) 1 Chiffchaff with tit flock (MLy)

Packards (pm) 1 Peregrine (MLy)

GATEWOOD LANEChicken Farm – 1 RAVEN (JS). Thanks Andy Marshall.

If you have any records from Hatfield Moors today and possibly tomorrow they should be submitted to Steve Furber at either or by text to 07742057224 or via the comments box on Doncaster Birding.

I would also draw your attention to the following:

Back issues of ornithological journals surplus to requirements 

British Birds Vols 76 – 93 incl. Bird Study Vols 30 – 49 incl. (1983 to 2002) Ringing & Migration Vols 6 – 17 incl. (1985 to 1996)

Guide price £50 – £100.  No reasonable offer refused (buyer to collect or arrange collection via courier), contact

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