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WeBS Totals for 7th/8th February 2015

February 9, 2015

Most of the records below were gathered on 7th but where larger counts or new birds were found on the 8th these have been included rather than those gathered on the 7th. If there are any obvious errors or omissions please leave a comment below and I will correct

   125 Mute Swan                           

   203+ Whooper Swan (8th)

     15 Bewick’s Swan                       

       1  Black Swan                               

   298 Greylag Geese                     

c.800 Pink-footed Geese          

       1 Tundra Bean Goose (8th)

   187 Canada Geese                     

       4 Shelduck                                   

   241 Wigeon                                  

     71 Gadwall                                   

   862 Mallard                                 

     24 Shoveler                                   

   124 Teal                                        

     29 Pochard                                    

     84 Tufted Duck                           

       6 Goldeneye                                  

       4+ Goosander (6 recorded during the day but only 4 came into roost on Ethelmoor)

15 Cormorant

       8 Grey Heron                               

     29 Little Grebe                             

     11 Great Crested Grebe            

   367 Coot                                         

     50 Moorhen                                  

       1 Water Rail                                 

       2 Oystercatcher                           

   511+ Lapwing                                  

       2 Green Sandpiper                        

     47 Curlew 

       1 Woodcock                                       

     11+ Common Snipe                        

       1 Kingfisher                                   

Thanks again to everyone who helped with the survey.

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