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Tuesday 16th June 2015

June 17, 2015

PACKARDS HEATH – 4+ ‘ch’ Nightjar and 1s Cuckoo (CN, PSh, LR & HC)

IDLE BANK (Sandtoft) – 1 Barn Owl (MA)

IDLE BANK (Tunnel Pits) – 1 Barn Owl (MA)

WROOT (Wroot Rd Caravan Site) – 1 Barn Owl (MA)


It has been reported that there appeared to have been some weed killer put on the Bracken by the fence at the western end of Packard’s Heath at a place where a Tree Pipit nest with young being fed had been located by Dave Adamson.

Julian Small (Senior Reserve Manager – Natural England) has advised:

“I noticed that last week on Tuesday.  It’s not spraying, its cold nights!  In some places, the temperature got close enough to freezing on a few pockets of Packards Heath that the young bracken growth was killed.  By Tuesday it was already browning off.  So it’s a completely natural process.  Our site management policy at the moment is to do no bracken spraying on the NNR at all.  It’s fantastic that Dave Adamson found the Tree Pipit nest, and just really bad luck for the birds that we had some unseasonably cold nights just at the wrong time. “


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