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Wednesday 8th March 2017

March 8, 2017

PACKARDS EAST – 1p Goosander N and 1p Stonechat (John Robinson)

WROOTThorn Bank (Lincs) – 2a+4 (2cy) BEWICK’S SWAN (John Robinson)

WROOTCandy Farm East (Lincs) – 148 WHOOPER SWAN (John Robinson)

NW FIELDS – 9 WHOOPER SWAN (John Robinson)

PACKARDS – evening – 4 d Lapwing, (140+ swans (mainly Whoopers) (from SE) onto Packards and Ethelmoor; 2 Shelduck (from S & W), 2 Curlew from W, 1 Oystercatcher from W – all to roost, 500+ Starling W, 60+ mixed Fieldfare & Redwing NW (Col Neale).

Packards Heath – 1 WOODCOCK (Col Neale)


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